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Parents & Teachers: Srills Lice Bully at Ace!

By Ace-N-More | Apr 03, 2017
So Safe and Effective.  So Easy! You'll wonder what you ever did without it.


 Kills on Contact


Completely NON Toxic


Does Not Harm:

Children, Pets, Environment or Ground Water

When you use Srills products, you will be using something produced naturally from our planet and not a man made TOXIC chemical. That means not only

are you reaping the helpful benefits of cleaning the environment, you're also positively taking part with the on going efforts to help save the world. Natural pesticides sales have elevated in the last decade and have made huge improvements in their effectiveness. Pests are getting immune to chemicals because they only target the pests nervous system. Srills products are different because they target the pests respiratory system. Pests nervous systems evolve to become immune to chemicals. However, their respiratory system will not change or evolve, pests would need to grow lungs in order to develop immunity to Srills products. This means Srills products will work for hundreds of years guaranteed without changing. This is something a chemical can never guarantee.







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